interior design the process

There are five main stages, but our level of involvement is entirely up to you.

'Stage 1' - Initial Meeting

You have a few options to share your initial ideas with us. You can email us a brief that includes any ideas you have, along with pictures of the space and any existing plans (existing plans are not crucial). Alternatively, we can arrange a video call, or we can meet for a coffee to discuss your requirements, your venue’s potential, and what we aim to achieve, considering your brief and budget.

You can also leave it to us however, after our discussion, we will send you a proposal outlining what you can expect at each stage, along with the cost for each stage.

'Stage 2' - Moodboards

We will conduct a survey and create initial floor plans along with key ideas. This will allow you to provide feedback and help us understand exactly what you are looking for and what we need to produce in ‘Stage 3’. Using images and sketches as references, we will indicate the location of each detail on the floor plan. This will give you a clear understanding of our proposed scheme. This stage may require several meetings to finalize, and we will only move on to ‘Stage 3’ once you are satisfied with the progress so far.

'Stage 3' - Detailed Plans

We will produce detailed working floor and electrical plans, wall elevations, and drawings for all bespoke items such as the bar, counter, bench seating, pods, and display units. Color schemes, fabrics, furniture, art, and lighting choices will be finalized, compiled, and presented to you for your final feedback. If necessary, changes will be made to prepare for ‘Stage 4’. We will use the three days we have to produce what we feel will be most beneficial to your project.

This stage will ensure your project runs smoothly

This stage will help you avoid costly mistakes and hidden expenses. Through our experience, we’ve learned that budgets can easily spiral out of control if not carefully managed. Our industry contacts also provide valuable opportunities to maximize your budget.

'Stage 4' - Tender Pack

We will create a comprehensive scope, schedule of works, and item purchase schedule for each sector. This will enable you to approach three nominated suppliers or trades, allowing you to choose the best quotation. You can then compile a final price and value engineer each sector as needed until you are satisfied with the cost. Alternatively, if you choose us as the principal contractor/supplier, we will handle this process for you.

Our schedule of works ensures seamless coordination, preventing issues like a ceiling or wall being skimmed before the plumber or electrician has completed their work.

Purchase Schedule

We will create a detailed spreadsheet listing every item indicated on our plans. Each entry will include a web link for purchase, the price, and the total project cost. You can value engineer and adjust each item until you are satisfied with the overall cost.

Additionally, we can include contractors’ prices and other expenses, such as solicitor fees, insurance, and cutlery, in the spreadsheet to help you reach a final figure.

Do you have a project in mind you would like some advise on?

If you have any questions or would like some advice on an upcoming project, please click the button below. One of our team members will be happy to answer your questions or give you a call back for a quick chat.