the 24hr session

This is an intensive three-day design session offered at a fixed price. Our team will produce a beautiful design and invaluable guide detailing the most critical aspects of your project, helping you avoid costly mistakes and effectively manage your project.

How its works

After an initial phone or video call to discuss your brief, we will request any existing plans of the spaces you want designed, along with several photographs of the venue or house. This helps us understand your requirements and determine how we can best assist you. It doesn’t matter if you do not have existing plans however, it would be helpful.

If you choose to move forward, we will schedule an early morning visit, allowing us the entire day to meet with you, assess the area, and explore its potential. This visit can take place anywhere in the country and will involve a comprehensive site survey to ensure accurate floor plans. Throughout this visit, we will gather as much information as possible to inform our subsequent team brainstorming session.

Team Brain Storm

We will promptly share all the information gathered from our meeting and site visit with our team. Each team member will be responsible for compiling the necessary details to kickstart your design scheme immediately. We will maintain continuous communication within the team until we have gathered enough information to finalize the design scheme.

If needed, the central team member will stay overnight locally to continue gathering information and return early the next morning. This ensures smooth progress of the project at our studio and enables us to promptly address any design-related questions or issues that may arise, recognizing the importance of timely execution.

Initial ideas

We will promptly present you with several potential floor plans and our initial ideas as soon as possible, seeking your feedback. As the design evolves into a detailed plan, we will incorporate your comments and make necessary adjustments, while simultaneously creating the purchase schedule.

Drawing on our industry expertise, we will initially estimate the costs for each section of the building work separately, with potential adjustments by yourself later on should you need to. Each proposed detail will be accompanied by a corresponding cost to ensure transparency. Our meticulous approach aims to capture every detail upfront, minimizing unforeseen surprises.


Once your design package is finalized, we will email it to you for your review and schedule a video call to discuss any necessary amendments. We will promptly make the final adjustments and send the revised package back to you as soon as possible.

Accurately gathering information from our meeting and research is essential for crafting the best design. Prioritizing any key requests before our meeting will assist us in creating the most precise scheme possible. This design package will serve as a valuable roadmap, aiding you in avoiding expensive errors and offering a framework that can be adapted to suit your project’s needs.


You may have your chosen contractors, which is perfectly fine. However, we can also handle the installation of the scheme with our team or make site visits at crucial stages of the installation if you require. This option is available, and we can discuss it during the process.

Do you have a project in mind you would like some advise on?

If you would like to know more about our 48hr session or, would simply like a little advise regarding an up and coming project then, please click the button below and one of our team will be happy answer any questions you may have or, give you call back for a quick chat.