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About us...

We design, install residential and commercial
interior design schemes, manufacture bespoke
joinery and supply furniture, fixtures and
equipment along with all apescts of construction

We work with Hotel chains and other sectors
of the leisure industry, keeping their
establishments up to date, functional and are at
hand to deal with an emergency should it arise.

What we do...

Design commercial and
residential interior spaces

All Aspects of Construction

Interior Architecture

Implementation of interior
design schemes

Leisure industry maintenance

Manufacture and installation of
bespoke joinery

Manage the implementation from
design stage through to handover

Branding and web design

The design process...

We can be as involved as you want us to be.

We offer two main design services, which is an
3 Day Session’ and ‘Interior Design’.
The ‘Interior Design’ stages are stated 1-4 below

If you require any further information, please
click here

‘3 day session’

Only need a guide for a fixed price you can
afford? Then, the ‘3 Day Session' is for you!

We will come to your home or, business and
carry out a survey or, arrange a video call
to gather as much information as possible
that will enable us to produce a design scheme
package taken from the information gathered
at the initial meeting and our team brain storm.

This will give you a plan in which you can
adhere to or, hand over to contractors.
This service is invaluable in avoiding costly
mistakes and enable you to compare a like
for like price from several contractors.

You will receive a floor and lighting plan,
furniture choices, key focal ideas, colour
codes and their locations, diagrams and
useful supplier contacts.

If you have any questions, please click here and
let us know what they are.

‘Interior Design’

Stage 1 - The Initial Meeting.

You can either email a brief containing any ideas you may have accompanied with pictures of the venue and any existing drawings or, we can arrange a video call to discuss your requirements, your venues potential, what we have to achieve while taking your brief and budget into consideration. We will then send a proposal indicating what you can expect for each stage along with a fee total.

Stage 2 - Concept Design.

We will complete a survey and produce initial floor plans along with main ideas. This will enable you to comment, help us establish exactly what you are looking for and what we need to produce in ‘Stage 3’. Using images and sketches as a reference, the location of each detail will be indicated on the floor plan. This will give you a clear understanding of where we intend on taking the scheme. This stage may take several meetings to conclude and only when you are happy with what has been produced to date will we move on to ‘Stage 3’.

Stage 3 - Detailed Design.

Working floor and electrical plans, wall elevations, drawings of all bespoke items such as the bar, counter, bench seating, pods or, display units will be produced. Colour codes, fabrics, furniture, art, lighting choices will be finalised, collated and presented to you for your final comments. If required, changes will be made in readiness for ‘Stage 4’.

Stage 4 - Tender Pack.

A scope, schedule of works and item purchase schedule for each sector will be produced enabling the client to approach three of any nominated supplier or, trade enabling you to choose the best quotation. You can then collate a final price and value engineer each sector should this be required until you are happy with the final cost unless, you choose to us as the principle contractor/supplier then, we will do this for you.

‘Design Installation’

Stage 5 - Construction Phase.

You may prefer to undertake the construction phase
of the project using your preferred contractors,
which of course is your choice, although, we do have
our own team of trade professionals that will produce
the scheme to our standard, within the agreed
time frame and budget achieving maximum impact.

Bespoke Joinery

We have designed and manufactured
for various clients a…

Reception Counter
Timber Summer House with Air Con
Interactive Wall Unit & Library
Staircase & Sache Windows
Bed, Headboard, Cabinet & Kitchen
Hardwood Window Restoration
Intergrated Coffee Station
Giant Horse Sculpture
Booth & Bench Seating

We can make whatever you need!

If you have something in mind you
would like made then click here


We carry out all aspects of construction from
loft conversions, bathrooms to houses however, we
specialise in maintenance for the leisure industry,
establishments such as large hotel chains.

We have trades at hand to deal with anything from
water damage or, a resin kitchen floor, stainless steel
unit through to a new room scheme installation
or, a just little decoration.

Click here and let us know what you require

Branding & Web Sites

We realise how important branding is to your business.

We will design your branding and a website that will reflect your companies image. If you have a beautifully designed venue then, you require a web site that portrays this as it could be the first point of call and, as you know, first impressions count.

If you’ve already had your venue designed and are only looking for branding or a new web site then let us know.

Contact Us


Corp Market: Cardiff new indi-business hub

The Corp Market has officially opened its doors. The former canton pub has now become a home for some of Cardiff’s most loved indie businesses.

Local interior designer Tim Rice today designed the space, along with some of Cardiff’s more stylish locations including Ten Mill Lane, Ffresh – WMC, and more. The space was designed to both a rustic and contemporary industrial field and is warmed with suspended greenery and neon lighting.

Historic Canton pub transforms to help local businesses through the pandemic

Tim Rice wants to turn The Corporation into a community hub to help local, sustainable vendors and entrepreneurs thrive

A stylish art gallery and design hub has reinvented an old dairy in Cardiff’s Pontcanna.

Situated in the old dairy at 200 Kings Road, The Dairy, brings together an eclectic mix of established high-end designers such as Vivienne Westwood, artists and suppliers to showcase their products.

Transformation of a Cardiff takeaway into a Thai restaurant

The redesign of the restaurant has been a three month process, from meeting each other to developing the restaurant’s interior.

The restaurant has attracted Instagram influencers from across Cardiff.

Bute & Co Coffee Shop is now open and looking good!

Located in Dominions Arcade Cardiff, the latest project by Tim Rice, Bute & Co Coffee Shop within Indigo Hotel along with the Marco Pierre Whites Steak House is now open to the public.

Check out the bespoke plant lighting and have a coffee!

Hotel Indigo set to open a coffee shop alongside Marco Pierre White’s new steak house and Tim Rice will be designing it.

Bute & Co Coffee Shop located in Dominions Arcade, Cardiff City Centre will be due to open doors very shortly as Tim Rice adds another venue to his portfolio.

They are looking to open their doors in late July with a new kind of light fitting.